Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Marin took some time out this morning to reflect...

Monday, February 23, 2009

Quittin' Time

Apparently, Marin likes to finish out her day like Dad does; although he is a little worried about how natural she looks in this pic :)

Play Time!

After dinner we had a little play time on the floor. Marin likes her new toys and has started cooing and even smiling a little bit! She particularly likes her mirror.

Marin's Best Friend

Zora and Marin spent some time together last night; I think Zora was mostly wondering why Marin was in HER SPOT on the floor. Zora seems to be adjusting well, unlike the cat...who is conspicuously missing from all photos...

Where's Marin?

Marin is demonstrating her camouflaging abilities... She can sleep soundly in the middle of a tropical jungle! Can you find her?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Funny Pics of the Day

Insert witty one-liners below!

Tummy Time!

Marin had a great workout today!! Seriously, she's got mad skills for having only 14 days under her hypothetical belt. She turned her head from one side to the other and generally enjoys her tummy time!...Especially with Mom nearby for encouragement!

Monday, February 16, 2009

And then there was sleep...

After a long day with the girls and some water torture it was time for some rest...for all of us :)

And then there was the baby torture (aka getting a sponge bath)...

Yes, that is a tear running down Marin's cheek. Dad thinks Aunt Sarah took the picture to make him feel really bad about torturing his only daughter so badly ;) But she has a check-up in the morning and Mom and Dad need to appear to be good parents that regularly feed and bathe their child...

An Afternoon with the Gerstein Girls (and Nicole!)

Marin had fun with some visitors today, Aunt Sarah and Nicole! They played for a while and went for a walk "on the avenue". There was much fun and rejoicing!

Cuddly Bear

Aunt Sarah's present is Marin's favorite choice for the great outdoors!

First Bath

Let's say this isn't one of Marin's favorite pastimes...yet! Hopefully when we can get in the tub with some duckies it will all seem a lot more fun. For now, it's kind of a drag...


Nana and Papa Bergman made a surprise visit last weekend to meet there newest grandchild!! Mom and Dad were very excited to see them because they live so far from each other. Grammy Gerstein came over as well!
Well, little Marin has joined the blogosphere!! Please visit here to read about various exploits with Mom, Dad and all of the wonderful people and friends in Marin's World!!

To date, Marin fills her days with baby-esque tasks such as eating, pooping/peeing, crying and sleeping. However, sometimes she does these things in fun and exciting venues, such as the car seat/stroller either in the car or "on the Avenue" as we say in Del Ray, in the Baby Bjorn with Dad, or napping with Mom or Dad. Sometimes Mom or Dad will catch Marin;s antics on camera and share them here with you all! Please let Marin's parents know if you have anything that you would like to have posted.

See you soon in Marin's World!